Who are the four most important people to your business?  You might be thinking of your top manager, or perhaps your biggest distributor. However, employees move on to other positions and vendors come and go.

There are four key people who keep you in business by protecting what is important, as long as they are informed about all the ins and outs of your company. These four people make a team that, hopefully, will stay with you throughout the life of your business. They are your lawyer, banker, accountant, and insurance agent.

Your Team

For some business owners, these people are exclusively thought of around tax time or when a problem arises, but business owners who stay in touch with their team and keep them informed of changes that occur within their business tend to avoid problems. That is the value of this key team. The more they know, the more they can help, and the better off you and your business will be.

The biggest threats to your business are the ones that are difficult to see. That’s what your team is for – seeing the unknown threats and building a wall to protect your business from them.

Keeping Us Informed Saves You Money

Ryan Madore, Agency Manager at United Insurance in Augusta, knows firsthand how important it is for his clients to keep him informed about changes in their business.

“About a year ago I wrote a policy for a new client. Eight months into the policy he called to let us know he was moving his home business to a new location,” Madore said.

The client, a machinist, was planning to transport $150,000 worth of his business equipment from one location to another. After reviewing the policy, Madore explained to the client that his equipment was only covered up to $20,000 in damages while ‘in-transit’. The policy was adjusted to cover the client’s equipment for all $150,000, and a few days later, the move was underway.

During the move, a $26,000 tool chest fell off the back of the client’s truck and was completely destroyed. Since he was covered up to $150,000, the client was able to replace all of his damaged property without paying a single dollar out-of-pocket. Had he not called his agent, he would have had to pay $6,000 himself to replace the tool chest.

“Imagine if he hadn’t called us and had been in an accident during the move. He could have been responsible for replacing possibly over $100,000 dollars of equipment. I cannot stress enough the importance of letting us, your agent, know every detail of your business, especially when something is changing,” Madore added.

Coverage Matters

It’s in your best interest to keep your agent informed of any changes in your business. Please let us know if:

  • Your business has grown or taken on new employees.
  • Your business has moved.
  • You offer a new service or your product line changed.

Make sure you keep us in the loop so you don’t fall victim to a lack of coverage. Give us a call today so we can help!


At United Insurance, we are life-long learners.  We are committed to educating ourselves and our clients about the latest industry standards, coverage options, and recent changes in the laws. We do this because we don’t just sell insurance; we protect what you value most so we work hard to make sure we provide the right solutions for your unique needs.  Follow the latest news and learn more with us.