Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

A One-Stop-Shop of Customized Employee Benefits Packages

When Running Tide grew from two to fifty employees in just a few short years, they needed guidance and support. United Insurance became a one-stop-shop for all their insurance needs and provided an a la carte approach to finding an employee benefits package that was perfectly crafted for their Maine-based aquaculture and carbon-reducing start-up company. “We’re like an extension of their human resources department,” says Jennifer McCurry, VP & Agency Manager at United Insurance. “We help onboard new hires and provide back-office support. They know they can call my cell when they have questions.”

Let us be a trusted insurance resource for you.

Offering the right package of benefits can help your business attract and retain a great team. We can tailor the plan to fit your needs from small groups to larger employers. Our benefits specialists work with many of the top carriers and have access to multiple plans and different types of coverage. A quick conversation is all it takes for us to find the right policy for you. We are committed to helping our clients make informed decisions so we take the time to explain terminology, outline deductible costs, set coverage priorities, and research plan options with you. When you prioritize your team’s health, they can do a better job.  

For a variety of reasons, you might find yourself in need of an individual health insurance policy. Our team of specialists is well versed in the options available for short term policies and more comprehensive individual plans. We also have specialists who work directly with our 65+ customers to augment their Medicare plans.

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“They’re like a business partner,” says Richard Caron, Director of Administration at Running Tide.  “Without their guidance I might make a bad decision. I fire out questions on short notice with a tight deadline and they do their best to provide answers and coverage pretty darn quick. We are working together.”