Many business owners find the period before fourth quarter to be a convenient time to evaluate their insurance needs. Changes in your business size, employment status, and additions to fleets or inventory can change your exposure. Maintaining the proper insurance is a crucial step toward protecting your business.

Your insurance agent should be more than a low-cost solution to a potentially high-risk problem. A good commercial insurance agent can be a valuable asset to your company, and that is what we strive to be in every client relationship. We believe that your insurance provider should complement your business’s growth, and should have a strong understanding of your company’s identity.

We suggest that you schedule a meeting with your United Insurance agent to sit down together and address these three important questions:

  1. Are changes in my industry causing me to adapt my business (even slightly)?
  2. Will I or have I recently added/removed personnel, equipment, technology, land, building space etc.?
  3. Can United Insurance help make a difference in my community?


We always love the opportunity to catch up with you. Learning about all of the changes happening within your business as they occur allows us to ensure that you are always covered and protected should anything happen.

All business owners need to remember that even minor changes within your company can drastically affect your exposure. You can rely on your United Insurance agent to keep you, your assets, and your employees safe.

If you are not yet a United Insurance client but you think that you would like to be, give us a call at (207) 781.3519 – we would love to learn more about how we can help you.


At United Insurance, we are life-long learners.  We are committed to educating ourselves and our clients about the latest industry standards, coverage options, and recent changes in the laws. We do this because we don’t just sell insurance; we protect what you value most so we work hard to make sure we provide the right solutions for your unique needs.  Follow the latest news and learn more with us.