Accounting Associate


“What we do here is meaningful.”

Katia came to the United States from Peru. She entered middle school and quickly learned English. Katia began her career working in the banking and disability insurance industries. While attending class at USM, Katia walked by the Portland office of United Insurance almost every day, and it always caught her eye. When United posted a job opening for a receptionist, Katia applied but was told the job was filled. However, she made such an impression on the office team that Agency Manager Carol Clark reached out to her specifically when a Personal Lines Assistant position became available. Katia’s natural love for learning, challenges, and opportunities harmonizes perfectly with the supportive, community orientation of United Insurance. Capitalizing on the opportunities available within United Insurance, Katia advanced quickly to an assistant in the Accounting Department and was soon promoted to the position of Accounting Associate.

I’m very grateful to the entire United team for opening their doors and welcoming me with opportunities to grow.”