A Perpetuation of Excellence

A Perpetuation of Excellence

United Insurance is Maine’s fastest growing independent agency with roots going back four generations and over 150 years.

In 1868, this company was established with a commitment to delivering exceptional service to our neighbors. As we have grown and expanded, that commitment has never faltered. Today, as in 1868, doing what’s right for our clients, our carriers, and our employees is our highest priority.


Ensuring the continuation of United Insurance’s 150 year legacy, we follow the leadership perpetuation model first chartered in the agency by Peter Hunt and Gary Chapin to develop and promote leaders from within the agency. In January of 2021, the company was purchased by our fourth generation ownership team with Zack Frechette elected President and CEO. Our ownership team will continue to serve the communities where they live and work and carry the torch of excellent service. With their leadership, United Insurance is continuing the honorable work of being a trusted partner and protecting what our clients hold most dear.  


Following the direction of our ownership, the leadership team – from agency managers to department leaders – work together in concert for a common goal: to serve our clients’ needs. We encourage our agents to think independently and creatively and have worked hard to create an environment of trust, teamwork, and fun. We find that by working together we are able to provide the best for the communities and businesses we serve.