Vice President & Agency Manager, Benefits

“The insurance industry has historically been a male-dominated field, but there are now increasing opportunities for women in leadership. At United Insurance, we are actively recruiting, retaining, and promoting talented women. With over 75% female employees, this is driving positive change across departments and throughout United Insurance as a whole.”

Before joining United Insurance, Stephanie worked at a prominent national insurance firm where she encountered challenges in making a direct impact in her job. However, upon meeting Zack Frechette, the President and CEO of United Insurance, Stephanie discovered a refreshing change. United Insurance stood out as a company actively dedicated to recruiting talented women and recognizing the extensive skillset they contribute to the workplace.

As a working parent, Stephanie deeply appreciates the work-life balance promoted at United, citing United’s ownership team as internal role models who prioritize family time. United Insurance has many initiatives promoting work-life balance for employees, including hybrid work schedules, leadership development opportunities, and creating a culture that values diversity and inclusion. Stephanie highlights the support she receives at United, saying, “I really value the trust I’ve been able to develop over the past two years. Our leaders empower their teams to make decisions while providing unwavering support.”

In her own career, Stephanie is proud of the progress she has led in her department. By skillfully merging two teams, she has not only achieved remarkable revenue growth, but also had the fulfilling experience of developing and implementing processes and best practices within her team. This successful integration has not only boosted financial performance but has also fostered a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement, setting a solid foundation for sustained success in the future.

“There are now more female role models in leadership positions in this field, providing inspiration and guidance for aspiring female leaders. United Insurance offers a wide range of opportunities, and we are always seeking thoughtful individuals to join our team. It’s a great time to consider a career in insurance.”