Carol Clark

Carol Clark

Agency Manager – Portland and Auburn

Director of Marketing


 “There are hundreds of career paths within the world of insurance in which to express yourself. It is a dynamic work environment and exciting to be able to continually evolve to meet the demands of the future.”

Carol first entered the insurance industry working in the claims department while in college, benefitting from her employer’s college tuition reimbursement program. Over the years, Carol worked in computers and real estate before joining the O’Hearn Insurance Agency where she served as an Account Executive and Office Manager. When that agency merged with United Insurance, she supported the transition and started to explore the world of insurance marketing. Now, as Agency Manager, Carol enjoys the wide variety of opportunities each day offers, including being an active member of the community. Building platforms for the success of the company and her colleagues is energizing.

Be a lifelong learner and seize every opportunity to grow professionally and personally. Insurance is one of the strongest industries in the nation. It opens a million doors — you simply need to take the first step.”