In New England, our buildings have to endure winter storm after winter storm, often without time for the accumulated snow to melt away in between. Fresh snow usually isn’t the issue; although, heavier snows can mean more water content and stress on the roof.  As the snow becomes ice, the strain on your roof can become overwhelming.  “Many businesses don’t consider the possibility of a collapsed roof, even when it can mean thousands of dollars in repairs. With the large amount of snowfall we’ve received in New England this year, knowing the strength of your roof and having protocols set for snow removal are important both for employee safety and to avoid costly repairs,” said Chris Condon, CEO of United Insurance.

So, how do you know when the tension on your roof requires you to take action? Here are some things to consider:
• Do you know the design structure of your roof and how much weight it can hold?

Roof designs have different capacities for holding weight. A rough average is around 40 lbs. per square foot, while a cubic square foot of water weighs around 62 lbs.
• Do you know how much snow has accumulated in your area?

Make sure to check the snow water equivalent, which can help you determine just how much strain is being put on your roof.
• Have you hired someone to safely remove the snow from your roof?

 Removing snow from a roof can be dangerous, both for the person removing it and for the structure in general. Be certain to set up proper precautions, such as determining whether workers compensation is in effect and whether you’re insured for liability.
As the weather warms, rain can add to the snow’s water content.  Be sure to have your roof shoveled and checked to prevent a potentially destructive loss.


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