May 28, 2010

One of summer’s greatest joys is heading to the beach or pool to enjoy the warm weather. Before packing the swimming and boating gear, consider this: most boating and swimming accidents occur because people don’t stop to think about safety. How can boating and swimming accidents be prevented? The most tragic accident is the one that easily could have been prevented. By observing safety guidelines, your clients can reduce the incidence of boating and swimming accidents and keep their families safe.

Here are a few guidelines to follow:
• Never swim alone.
• Know your swimming ability limits, and those of your family, and stay well within them.
• Learn the proper way to dive, and always check the water depth before diving.
• Always have a spotter for water skiing etc.
• When boating, carry a first aid kit, as well as prescription medicine and any other needed personal care items.
• Equip the boat with a radio or have a cell phone available in case of emergency. • Everyone on board must have a personal flotation device.
• The alcohol should be left behind when swimming or boating. Of the 850 boating fatalities yearly in the nation, 15 percent are attributed to alcohol.

For questions about boating safety, visit the U.S. Coast Guard Safety website


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