Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance

Helping a Business Navigate Growing Pains

Johnny’s Selected Seeds is a Maine success story. What started as a fledgling business in a farmhouse attic in the 1970s grew into an international seed purveying powerhouse with over 400 employees, a research and development arm, and a diverse client base. Headquartered in Winslow, Maine, Johnny’s is 100% employee-owned. When the pandemic hit, their business exploded as more and more people explored growing their own food and planting home gardens. As their seed inventory increased to meet the booming demand, and supply chain disruptions began to present new challenges, Johnny’s Director of Finance, Michelle Pyle, began to consider “what if” scenarios the company had never thought of before. United Insurance was able to be a resource and a partner for Michelle. “For me, Ryan [Madore] and United Insurance are a huge sounding board for my questions and concerns as we evolve. I want to know, are we adequately covered?”

An unforeseen “what if” turned into a crisis when Johnny’s exponential growth resulted in their insurance carrier issuing a non renewal. The value of Johnny’s product in their warehouse exceeded what the carrier was willing to cover and then only gave Michelle and Johnny’s 35 days to find alternative coverage. “During our warehouse crisis, United was there – listening to us and in constant communication. Ryan was creative and flexible in his options. He’s always just right there, very responsive. I didn’t have to wonder when he would get back to me,” says Pyle. Ryan was ready to dive in and be a part of the solution for Johnny’s, and along with the United Insurance team was able to guide them through the crisis and help them make strategic decisions to manage their risks and find better coverage. In the process, the partnership between United Insurance and Johnny’s strengthened. Michelle describes the relationship this way: “I use them as a resource all the time. As we consider new projects and strategize about our growth, risk management is part of it. We are employed-owned – so we’re protecting the interests of tons of individuals. We need to make sure we’re protecting people and ensuring Johnny’s is here for many years to come.”

United Insurance is honored to be of service and to help businesses like Johnny’s continue to flourish.

Protect Your Success with Farm and Crop Insurance

With deep roots throughout Maine, we know the coverages you need to protect your crops, your livestock, and your property. As the largest farm insurer in New England, we’ve been writing Farm and Crop Insurance for generations. Our agents know Maine and the farm business inside and out, plus we have a large network of resources available to offer standard and specialty insurance coverage tailored to your needs while still remaining affordable.

United Insurance Specializes in Insuring Maine’s Crops

United Insurance has generations of experience working with Maine’s rich agricultural industry, and is one of the few companies in Maine that specializes in writing Crop Insurance. Whether your farm operation is large or small, we know it is important. To ensure your crop is properly insured, you may need additional coverage under Crop Insurance.

Our agents have access to Rain & Hail LLC, a Chubb Company, which is the largest crop insurer in the nation.

We will work with you to:

  • Understand the specific risks associated with your crops
  • Find coverage that fits your operation’s specific needs
  • Balance your risk with appropriate coverage.

United Insurance and Rain & Hail are equal opportunity providers and employers. For more information, please visit the USDA’s website.

To understand your risk, connect with our Farm and Crop Specialist Teams.

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