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Real Estate

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Today’s real estate environment changes at warp speed. Choose an independent insurance agency that can keep up with you while acting as a trusted resource for advice and counsel. That’s how our commercial property owners view United Insurance. Is your agent part of your trusted team? 

When you build a portfolio of real estate, you need a savvy and experienced team of professionals. Is your current insurance agent keeping up with you? 

We are having important conversations every day with our commercial property owners. We are discussing rapidly evolving aspects of insurance including: 

  • Cost of construction
  • Inflationary replacement costs
  • Insurance requirements for tenants 
  • Requirements for liability and maintenance of property.

Who is advising you on the best ways to manage your risk and exposure? Start a conversation with one of our agents that specializes in insurance for commercial real estate.

To better understand your risk, connect with your local agent.

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