United Insurance Agent Spotlight

We are so excited to introduce you to our first Agent Spotlight, United Insurance, who celebrated their 150th year in business last year!

A longstanding history with deep roots in the community, the agency was originally founded in 1869 by Henry Perry after he got out of the Civil War. In the 1970’s, a few of the owners at the time merged their agencies to offer a better product and price to their clients, ultimately becoming United Insurance. Over the years, they have acquired more agencies through merges and purchases and now operate out of fourteen offices.

When it comes to the loyalty of their employees and clients, CEO Chris Condon says the reason is the same, “we are committed to educating our staff — in turn, this helps us retain our talent and any company with a high turnover rate within their office won’t be able to retain their clients. Investing in employee education is critical and strategic for the overall success of the company.” The leadership at United Insurance understands the value in training their employees, in fact, they have over 40 employees with a designation (CIC, CPCU, or CISR). Supporting employees by paying for them to get the added education they need to be experts in the industry helps ensure they’re offering superior service to all clients.

Offering personal and business insurance as well as employee benefits, the team at United is committed to finding the best coverage possible no matter what the needs of the customer are. Striving to be there for clients when they really need it, Chris Condon says, “our jobs in a claims scenario is not to be the claims expert but to make sure we’re there for the client to help them maneuver through what is often a first-time experience.” For example, if someone’s house burns down and a family loses everything on a Sunday afternoon, your United agent will be available to assist and coordinate getting the essentials to start rebuilding what was lost. Having a great relationship with insurance carriers and the trust they have built with them over the years is another key to their success.

Outside of the office, United Insurance is committed to giving their time and money back to the communities they live and work in — their goal is to help make them better for everyone. One of the organizations they are heavily involved in is A Company of Girls, whose mission is to strengthen and empower girls and their families and foster community through the arts. It is through reading, theater, writing, drawing, and other activities that they build the gap between the volunteers and girls, creating a safe haven for them to feel supported. Each year, they hold an annual fundraiser where the girls are able to perform a play, sell cookies, and raise money to continue creating a community of tolerance and acceptance and helping cultivate self-confidence and resilience within all the girls who walk through their doors.



At United Insurance, we are life-long learners.  We are committed to educating ourselves and our clients about the latest industry standards, coverage options, and recent changes in the laws. We do this because we don’t just sell insurance; we protect what you value most so we work hard to make sure we provide the right solutions for your unique needs.  Follow the latest news and learn more with us.