There are many stories in the news about data breaches of companies that have compromised their customer’s personal information. Keeping your personal information protected can be challenging but you can be in control.
Passwords are digital keys to your personal information. These days you need a password to access everything. Your devices, online accounts, and even your online grocery list are password protected. That’s a lot of passwords to remember! Many of us use birthday dates, middle names, and other personal information to remember password. Then that same password is used for multiple accounts. While using personal information is easier to remember, it’s also easier to hack. Your personal information is available online and easy for anyone to access. And hackers have programs to crack different combinations of personal information they have hacked.

A few best practices to create strong passwords include:
• Minimum of ten characters.
• Include special characters and random capitalization.
• Avoid using personal information including names of your pets.
• Don’t use everyday words. One of the most common passwords used is “password”. Hackers have dictionary-based programs that crack common words.
• Use phrases or abbreviate phrases and special characters:
Ex: I Love Red Sox Baseball – ILv3RdS0xB@sB@ll

As with everything that is driven by technology, there are apps available to store passwords. Password managers offer to manage your personal information, and credit card numbers in addition to every password. With all of your passwords to your accounts encrypted in the password manager, you only have to remember one password to access the app.

It’s also important when planning your legacy and providing information for your will, that access to your accounts with usernames and passwords are included in the documents. Providing this information is vital for your loved ones to easily carry out your wishes.

Technology makes our lives easier in many ways but there are also inherent risks. Creating a plan to secure your personal data can save you time and money in the event of a future breach. Personal Insurance policies can include Identity Theft Coverage. Call your United Insurance agent at 1.1-800.734.2333 or go to Discuss your personal insurance coverage and find out how identity theft coverage could provide a layer of protection from thepossibility of your identity being stolen by hackers.

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