The long winter has finally come to an end, the final school bell will ring shortly, but when the weather gets nicer, it can be easy to forget or neglect simple safety precautions that are typically common sense. We know you want to get out and enjoy the weather while it lasts, so here are our summertime dos and don’ts so that you can “insure fun” for your families this summer:

On or in the water:

• Keep children under supervision
• Invest in a boater safety course
• Check the weather before leaving the dock

• Forget your life jackets
• Swim alone in strong currents
• Dive headfirst into unfamiliar water

At home or at camp:

• Keep your grill a safe distance away from any building
• Clean your grill regularly
• Check your grill for gas leaks
• When using charcoal, apply lighter fluid properly
• Keep the National Poison Hotline number (1-800-222-1222) on your phone in the case of exposure to poisonous plants, household cleaners, carbon monoxide (especially from charcoal briquettes), food poisoning, and more. 

• Grill on a covered porch
• Leave your grill unattended
• Attempt to remove items from lawnmower with the motor running
• Operate a lawnmower with debris on your lawn
• Leave your children, elderly adults, or pets in the car or unventilated rooms

During outdoor activities:

• Wear sunscreen
• Apply insect repellant after applying sunscreen
• Check children and pets for ticks and bug bites
• Walk pets in the early morning and late evening—avoid hot asphalt
• Wear a helmet and protective gear when biking, riding ATVs, horseback riding, etc.

• Rely on thirst as an indicator of dehydration
• Leave children unsupervised near the water—waves can cause a loss of footing even in shallow areas
• Swim near piers or jetties, as permanent riptides can exist around these structures 

Before the fun begins, review your boat, motorcycle or ATV insurance coverage with your agent. We wish you and all our clients a safe summer filled with wonderful memories.


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