Keeping an umbrella in the car to use when it’s raining is just a good idea. Whether the weather forecast is accurate or not, you are always prepared and will be protected from the wind and rain. An Umbrella Insurance policy works in a similar way, you never know when you will need it, but it’s always good to have it when the unexpected happens.

You may feel that your personal insurance policies provide the protection you need since you have a policy for your home, cars and other “toys” that are valuable to you. You have each insured including a liability limit of $500,000.

Let’s think about a situation we hope never occurs but can happen to anyone in an instant. One cold morning, you are driving to work. Noticing the road is wet, you’re driving with extra care but ultimately hit a patch of black ice and lose control of your car. Due to increased traffic during the morning commute, your car collides with another vehicle, which results in a multi-vehicle pile-up. Ultimately, the injuries sustained by the people in the other vehicles result in medical bills in excess of $1,000,000.
Hitting the black ice started the chain of events that resulted in bodily injury to others, leaving you liable for all of the medical costs. Your car insurance policy has a liability limit of $500,000. Where will you find the other $500,000 to pay the medical bills? The kids’ college fund? A second mortgage funded by the equity in your house? These are real decisions that will have to be made and could have a negative effect on your future.

Umbrella Insurance provides coverage beyond the individual policy limits. It protects the big picture of life with policies beginning at one million dollars in liability limits.

Umbrella Insurance is an affordable way to protect yourself from life’s rainy days. Call your United Insurance agent at 1.1-800.734.2333 or go to Discuss your personal insurance coverage and find out how an umbrella insurance policy could provide a layer of protection from the unexpected so you can keep enjoying the life you’ve worked hard to build.


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