Umbrella Insurance helps protect you from the unexpected.

Accidents happen. As a result of accidents, life can change in an instant. If you are responsible for an accident that causes bodily harm to someone else, you are financially responsible for everything from medical care to property damage. Did you know that claims can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, putting your financial future at risk?

While you can’t control when an accident happens, you can protect the life you’ve worked hard to build. Umbrella Insurance provides coverage beyond the limits of your other policies and can protect your assets: it covers the bigger picture of your life.

Click on the checklist to learn about some of the possible scenarios where Umbrella Insurance would be crucial for your financial survival. You’ll see that these incidents are everyday possibilities that might exhaust the liability limit of your policy.  Insurance covers specific bases. Umbrella insurance covers your entire ballpark.

 Call your United Insurance agent to learn how an umbrella insurance policy can add a layer of protection, giving you peace of mind: 1.1-800.734.2333.

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