United Against Distracted Driving

United Against Distracted Driving

Anti-texting while driving

We’re taking a stand against texting while driving, and we need your help.

Texting while driving combines all three types of distracted driving:

  • visual (eyes off the road),
  • physical (hands off the wheel), and
  • cognitive (thinking about something other than driving).

It is a deadly trifecta and undoubtedly the most dangerous driving distraction.

At United Insurance, we understand the importance of community, and we strive to make ours a better, safer place – but we need your help. We are taking a stand against distracted driving, and we ask that you join us in making Maine’s roadways and Maine’s people safer. Distracted driving is never a risk worth taking. You’re only good at it until the one time you’re not.

Stop by any of United Insurance’s 17 offices and pick up a United Against Distracted Driving bumper sticker to show your commitment to ending this deadly trend.