For many businesses, working from home is the norm for the foreseeable future.  To accommodate employees in the new arrangement, office equipment such as desktop computers, standing desks, and office chairs have moved to the home as well.  While this new arrangement is necessary for public health concerns, it also has the potential to create liabilities if your business lacks adequate insurance.

Determine your new risk.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you made any changes to your product or service?
  • Do you or your employees use specific equipment, including computers, phones and desks, for your business?
  • Do you or your employees keep data related to your business or your clients in your/their home or on their desktop hard drive?
  • Do you or your employees use space in your/their homes for running your business?
  • Do you clients or vendors visit employees at their home?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it’s time to call your United Insurance agent to discuss your evolving business needs.

It’s estimated that about 75% of small businesses lack enough commercial insurance or have any coverage at all.  In these uncertain times, we all need to be planning for the unexpected while we plan for the future.  It is important for business owners to know that personal insurance, such as homeowners or renters, do not cover a company’s belongings or activities performed in their own home or their employee’s homes.  For example, without proper business insurance, your business may not be protected in these events:

  • An employee has a company owned desktop computer at their apartment.  A fire in the building triggers the sprinkler system and destroys the computer.  Some company inventory is also lost.
  • During the work day, an employee drives from their home to buy office supplies and has an accident.  The other driver is hurt in the accident.
  • An employee downloads private/confidential information onto their personal computer.  That computer is then hacked and the info stolen.

We have policies with carrier broadening endorsements that can help keep your business and employees covered for situations like those listed above, and others that can occur in this new work-from-home world we are living in.  Reach out to your United Insurance agent to determine if you have adequate coverage.  We’re here to help; we’re here for you. To speak with an agent call 1.1-800.734.2333.


At United Insurance, we are life-long learners.  We are committed to educating ourselves and our clients about the latest industry standards, coverage options, and recent changes in the laws. We do this because we don’t just sell insurance; we protect what you value most so we work hard to make sure we provide the right solutions for your unique needs.  Follow the latest news and learn more with us.