Everyone’s vacation plans may have been thrown out the window this summer, but that doesn’t mean people didn’t find new ways to have fun and stay busy.

For many New Englanders, the best way to enjoy summer is to get outside.  Lots of people bought new outdoor toys as a way to adapt to this unexpected summer.  Perhaps you bought a new boat so you could get out on the water.  Or you finally got that ATV for exploring the trails in your area.  Or maybe you and your family decided the best way to go on vacation this summer was to buy an RV and hit the road.  These new toys also have new risks and often need special policy coverage.  Have you determined if you have enough coverage for unexpected accidents?  Is it time to consider a supplemental policy like umbrella insurance?

All our time at home has inspired a popular activity this summer: household projects and renovations. There’s nothing like finally tackling that honey-do-list and sprucing up your abode.  Did you remember to put calling your United Insurance agent on your punch list?  Chances are all your sweat equity added to the value of your home, so it’s important to ensure that you have enough coverage.  Let us help you protect your investment in your home!

If you have questions about your coverage, call your United Insurance agent today.  We offer a complete line-up of coverage options for all sorts of big summer toys and can advise you on the right options to keep you protected.