No one ever expects to be named as a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit.  But life doesn’t always go as planned. Accidents happen! If you are responsible for an accident that causes another person’s death, the possibility of being sued is real.

When a wrongful death lawsuit is successful, the defendant is responsible for the damages awarded.   Recently, the Maine Legislature voted to amend the laws governing damages awarded for wrongful death.  Beyond reasonable expenses of medical, surgical, hospital care and treatment, the jury may award additional damages up to $750,000 for the loss of comfort, society and companionship of the deceased. If you are involved in a wrongful death claim, you will likely be responsible for at least $750,000.

We want to make sure our clients are aware of this change because your current insurance policy may not provide adequate coverage for this increase.  Whether your policy is with United Insurance or another insurer, it is important to review your coverage and discuss options that will provide protection for you.  Please call today to discuss your current policies.